257 days and counting! 


A small hint! :D


I bought my wedding dress today!!!  I can’t believe it!  The biggest clothing purchase of your life!  You think about it since you’re a little girl and once it’s done it’s so exciting, but also sort of sad.  That one purchase is over forever.

BUT I’m so excited about my dress.  It’s a one-of-a-kind that I bought from Terry Costa in North Dallas.  I tried on probably 30 last night.  Narrowed it down to 7.  But this particular one stood out.  Jessie and Bianca were with me last night.  And today I took Elizabeth.  They all had the same reaction.  And I felt different in this dress.  It felt like it was made for me!  Elizabeth cried 4 times which also made me tear up.  I didn’t mean to buy a dress so early, but since it was the only one there was, I couldn’t let someone else buy it.  And it practically fits me already!

I couldn’t wait to get it home to my grandparents to show them and my mom.  My dad isn’t allowed to see it until my wedding day either. =) So it’s resting peacefully at my grandparents for the next 9 months!  I’m going to have to go visit it when I can. 


This color is call Kiss The Bride :) got it for Amanda’s wedding!


Manicure #3


This would be a dream come true!

Other than marrying my best friend of course, this would be the most AMAZING thing to ever happen… ever.  What a lucky couple! <3 



Ever since I saw this episode of Gossip Girl (judge on!), I have wanted this hair to be my wedding hair!  One of my close friends (and hair stylist) is already on it!  I can’t wait… Now if only I could find the head band…


Sparkly nail engaged mani #2!!

Photo Set

The boxes we gave/are giving to the kids to ask them to be in our wedding! Ring pops, lemonade, little outfits, and a link to their videos!


We’re going to ask Halle to be a Junior Bridesmaid today!!! <3 <3